Bridgewater Baptist Church

Bridgewater Baptist Church


Winton Baptist History


The origins of the Baptist Church in Eccles goes back to 1877 when two meetings were held in the British workman’s Club. Then those interested met in a local house. They rented The Little Church in Peel Street Eccles, with the first service being on 19th January 1878.

On August 29th 1878 a church meeting agreed that Eccles Baptist Church be constituted and at the same time a constitution for a Sunday School was also agreed.

In an audit of 30th June 1883 there is mention of 70 scholars and 39 church members. They became part of the Lancashire and Cheshire District of Baptist Churches.

Foundation of Eccles Baptist Church August 16 1877 at the British Workman’s Club.

Rented Little Chapel In Peel Street. 1878 - 1881

Eccles Town Hall 1881 for Morning and Evening Worship 

British Workman’s Club for Morning and Afternoon Sunday School. 

Eccles Baptist Church Liverpool Road Conservative Club 3rd Dec 1882 

Eccles Baptist Church Peel Street October 1885 – 1892 

(Opened by Revd Alexander Maclaren)

Sold Peel Street to English Presbyterian Church May 1892 

Eccles Baptist Church Wellington Road 1889 – 1900 

Ellesmere Road New Building 1900 -1906?

Change of Name Winton Baptist Church Parrin Lane 1906 -

The New Building opened 21st December 1907 – Enlargement of Building 1927 - 2005

Westwood Community Centre 2005 - 2011

And Back to Eccles 85 Cawdor Street. 2011 –

Change of Name Bridgewater Baptist Church 2012 -

Bridgewater Baptist Church - formerly known as Winton Baptist church, the congregation met in a tin chapel on Parrin Lane. Plans were made for a new building on the site - a temporary prefabricated construction with a 25 year expected life. The congregation left the building and the site 85 years later! 

Following a 6 year stay in a local community centre [2005-2011] the Lord led us to our new permanent home in Cawdor Street, Eccles.